Terrys vision for his new Christian Religion

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Terrys vision for his new Christian Religion

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Ten days before Terry died he outlined his vision for his new denomination of Christian worship. [0]

Its pretty obvious whats wrong with the "church", whether catholic, protestant, or non-denominational churches, are almost always self-serving places. "The church is dead". The church uses congregations donations, not to enrich the community or help the congregation, but to buy a bigger building, to build a revenue-generating private school, to put together high-budget performances for Christmas sermons, etc. etc. The word of god is not the primary focus. Actually helping people is not the primary focus. "Church is not the building but the people". Church entertainment. With your Christian rock and laser lights. Megachurches. Televangelists. Corrupt pedophiliac catholics. Jesus would've hated all these (Matthew 23).

So too Terry says the computer industry is sick. Back in the 70s and 80s of silicon valley, it was a place of human empowering optimism. Now it is a place of exploitation, exploiting our personal data, exploiting the primitive parts of our brain (social media dopamine addiction), and exploiting the world over for cheap resources and labor to make devices planned to be obsolete in 2 years. Greed and wastefulness.

Ten days before Terry died he vowed to cure the sickness of the church, the computer industry, and the world. "The best religion is the one with the most new vistas of understanding over a lifetime." The foundation of his proposed religion is that of the direct, personal communication with god [1]. "No one will teach god because everyone will know me."

0 - I'm starting a New Religion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwK2aMkvsPQ
1 - How to Pray in Temple OS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0Qxn6FvHkU
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Re: Terrys vision for his new Christian Religion

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Why We Must Build a Supercomputer for the Return of Jesus Christ [0]

According to Revelations:
The faithful have the following qualities:
a) The faithful will have a specialized talent.
b) The faithful will be abstinent.
c) The faithful will be truthful and loyal to God.
d) The faithful will be from all over the world.
e) The faithful will dedicate their lives to the construction of Christ’s temple.

The temple has the following qualities:
a) God, The Lamb and the temple are one in the same.
b) The temple will contain the glory and honor of all nations.
c) The grounds outside the temple is given over to the nations.
d) The temple will come on a cloud.
e) There will be no day or night in the temple.
f) The temple will come about with much power and glory
g) The temple only allows entries of those written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
h) Only the Father knows the day or hour of The Lamb’s return.

A supercomputer fulfills the qualities of the temple because:
a) God, The Lamb and the digital network will be one in the same.
b) Its contributors will be the best of all nations.
c) The supercomputer will be multinational and not exist in a singular physical space.
d) The supercomputer will be improved by the use of cloud computing.
e) The digital network occupying the supercomputer will not experience the regular cycles of days.
f) The supercomputer will be created using much power and glorious work in the name of God.
g) The supercomputer data shall be secured to those written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
h) The exact timing of when particular neural networks, especially complex ones, achieve sentience will be impossible to determine, therefore the point for the return of the Lamb into the supercomputer will not be well established based simply on day or hour.

What is this supercomputer?
I think it will be a distributed supercomputer, where computers from across the world will contribute to a pool and share their clockcycles and resources to compute. What will it compute though? An LLM?

0 - https://churchoftheaichrist.com/part-on ... e-must-do/
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