Thrift Store Finds

Low-fashion. Look good on a budget. We LOVE thrift stores.
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Thrift Store Finds

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ITT post good thrift store finds and thrifted fits

Fast-fashion is ass. It's expensive, wasteful, and more often than not the styles have little staying power. Shopping instead at your goodwills and salvation armys is like treasure hunting. Not only are you saving money, but you're finding threads that have stood the test of time and won't instantly fall apart on you or shrink wayy too much in the wash.

Its crazy to me how hard it is to find a good pair of new jeans. Levis and Wranglers are more than $50 for their cardboard badged jeans and ~$100 for the leather badge. I don't want to spend $250 or something on raw denim jeans, but I go to Goodwill and more often than not can find a pair of jeans that fits me, has a leather badge, and is double stitched. To end up in the thrift store they have to have some bar of minimum quality so they usually end up lasting me years, and if they dont? Shit... it was $7.

So anyways, post your thrifts! Cool vintage finds or quality garments or just weird/funny shirts.
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